Savage Personal Training was founded by Brian Savage in 2017 with the idea of changing the way people view health and fitness.  Brian Savage had previously worked in commercial gyms for over 20 years and had become so frustrated by so many aspects of the commercial gym business model and the way they viewed customer service with their members.  The way commercial gyms thrived off people buying gym memberships and never actually going to the gym to the general apathy and lack of motivation of the people who did.  But most importantly, he became frustrated that very few people actually achieved their goals.
So he decided to open up Savage Personal Training Studio.  A state of the art studio that focused on individualized training and small group training.  The atmosphere at Savage is truly unique and hard to describe until you see it. The camaraderie between trainers and clients is unparalleled.  At Savage, we believe that training and nutrition TOGETHER are the keys to your health and fitness.
At Savage Personal Training Studio, we are committed to delivering the best in personalized fitness training in a friendly and supportive environment.  At Savage, we train our clients with individualized, evidence based workouts, supervised by our experienced and professional personal trainers.  Because we understand that we living very busy lives, our workouts are safe, efficient, effective, and designed to get results!

We base everything we do on helping you achieve the goals that we have set together. We realize that we are only good as the results we promise. We believe strongly in our proven methods and programs and our ability to help you achieve those results. We are passionate about what we do; therefore, our attitudes and programs reflect it. We are your accountability partners providing you with educated, professional and dependable service.

We challenge you to set aside any preconceived notions, anxieties and/or excuses and give you a chance to achieve the health, the body, and the emotional well being that you have been striving to attain. So C’mon, Let’s get started!

Our Approach

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